Tuesday, July 19, 2011

EP Spotlight: Born Yesterday

Title:  Born Yesterday (MySpace)

Originally formed in Seattle, WA in 2004, Otisburg is the brainchild of Scott Shipp and Steve Long.  Currently Scott still lives in Seattle while Steve resides in the Oklahoma City metro area.  Born Yesterday, originally intended to be a full length album, was released as a four song EP in December 2007.  There had been plans to re-master and reissue the EP but those have since been scrapped by the band.  The fact that the EP ever saw the light of day is a bit of a miracle in the first place.  The band started writing for the record in 2006 and eventually went into the Green Lake House studio.  Sometime after those sessions, the vast majority of what was recorded was lost in a hard drive crash.  The band then pieced together enough material for an EP from songs that were salvaged and some other recording sessions.  Around this time Steve moved back to Oklahoma but continued to work with Scott on trying to complete the project (email is a wondrous thing, is it not?).  After months of back and forth the EP was released as a digital download and is currently available through the band’s MySpace page.

Born Yesterday opens with “Goodbye California,” a very Weezer-esque pop number.  Next is the tongue-in-cheek “Punkrocksong.com” with a chorus pretty much hits the nail on the head (“This is just a generic, this is just a generic, this is just a generic punk rock song”).  The EP’s strongest moment by far is the Screeching Weasel-esque “Hey Jennifer” (the opening hook/riff is fantastic).  Born Yesterday closes out with another tongue-in-cheek song, “Doughnut Riot,” which reminds me of an early Black Flag number.  Overall this EP shows a lot of promise and potential, sadly though these songs get a bit lost in the poor production.  I’d love to see what these guys could do with someone like Stephen Egerton behind the board producing the music. 

And finally in the name of full disclosure, Otisburg’s singer, Steve Long, is my best friend and the man behind The Otter Limits.    

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