Monday, July 18, 2011

EP Review: The Winter EP

Title:  The Winter EP (BandCamp)
Artist:  Taylor Rapp (BandCamp, Facebook, MySpace, ReverbNation 

The Winter EP is a collection of four singer/songwriter pop songs that are simple yet show a great potential.  The opening track, “Evergreen,” is a haunting number that I could see getting airplay on radio stations like 98.9 Kiss FM and being used on any number of TV shows and movies.  This isn’t a bad thing.  Rapp has tapped into the modern pop essence extremely well and with the right exposure a song like this could be a huge hit.  Rain” is another haunting number that I can totally see being used in romantic comedies for those emotional scenes where people are making those hard decisions or looking back on regrets (I actually have an image in my head of someone looking out a window with a cup of coffee lamenting over a love gone wrong or a love that has yet to blossom but is on the cusp of never happening).  The other two tracks, “Cyanide Lungs” and “First Show,” are both haunting and breathy (I especially like the piano in “First Show”).  In fact if I had to sum up The Winter EP in three words it would be haunting and breathy. 

This EP shows great potential.  In fact I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Taylor Rapp becoming that next big star to come from the Sooner State.  His music is tight and accessible (in a good way) and has the potential to garner mainstream success. 

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