Friday, July 01, 2011

Currently Listening

1. “100 Punks” by Dag Nasty (from Minority of One)
2. “Kiss Me Deadly” by Generation X (from Anthology Disc 1)
3. “Cause of My Anger” by Dead to Me (from Cuban Ballerina)
4. “Carry You” by ALL (from Problematic)
5. “Jersey City” by Hudson Falcons (from Desperation & Revolution)
6. “Out of Ideas” by The Copyrights (from Learn the Hard Way)
7. “Need You Around” by Smoking Popes (from Born to Quit)
8. “Causal Girl” by TonyALL (from New Girl, Old Story)
9. “All American” by Down By Law (from All Scratched Up!)
10. “Bikeage” by Descendents (from Milo Goes to College)

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