Friday, June 10, 2011

Spinner Premiers Ne Other Lives Video

Spinner has premiered the video for Stillwater’s Other Lives song “For 12.” 

From the story –  
In the small, prairie town of Stillwater, Okla., there lives a band of symphonic troubadours that has capitalized on the meaning of isolation. Other Lives' sophomore album, 'Tamer Animals,' mixed by longtime Beck drummer Joey Waronker, explores cinematic landscapes through dark-star strings over a base pad of contemplative folk.

'For 12' employs this concept perfectly through spaghetti-Western strings, with an almost Latin-feeling beat that pushes the song along like a thoroughbred horse. The video, directed by Nick Davidge, sees lead singer Jesse Tabish high above the Martian landscape about to explore its lonely surface.

"The first time I heard 'For 12' it really took my breath away, it was just such a beautifully haunting melody," Davidge tells Spinner. "It instantly started me thinking about these vast lonely landscapes and led to this idea of trying to visualize the most isolated human experiences, finding a situation that really captured the feeling of being utterly separated from humanity."

Crashing through the atmosphere of Mars, Tabish's character finds himself in a solitary alien world, complete with a mysterious black triangle -- all that's missing is a run-in with Don Cheadle and a giant face. "When Nick told us his idea for the 'For 12' video we we're completely sold and it turned out even better than we hoped," Tabish tells Spinner. "Being in Death Valley for the video was a beautiful experience. I just wish astronaut suits had air conditioning."

Influenced by Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey,' Davidge developed a spaceship of analog controls, filled with flashing, beeping lights. "I think I'd seen some of the latest NASA photos that were coming back from Mars and there's something amazingly familiar about them but at the same time so alien," the director says. "There is no life, just these expansive empty vistas of red rocks and sand. It felt so close yet in reality, so far away. It seemed like the perfect emotional backdrop for this song."
The song and video are both pretty trippy.  The band was also recently featured on NPR’s World Café: Next and All Songs Considered earlier this month and released their second full-length album last month.

It's good to see a band from the Sooner State getting a lot of national buzz.

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