Sunday, June 26, 2011

Romney, Bachmann, Cain Top 3 in Recent Iowa Poll

According to this story, a recent poll of “likely Republican Iowa caucus-goers” showed Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachmann, and Herman Cain in the lead of the 2012 GOP Presidential contenders.  Romney came in with 23%, Bachmann 22%, and Cain 10%; the rest of the pack all came in with single digit results. 

This should be a golden opportunity for the GOP to take back the White House but I’m not sure if a walking Ken doll (i.e. Romney) is the one that can beat President Obama.  But then again I’m looking at this through the lenses of an independent who holds no loyalty to either party and little philosophically in common with the GOP.  Sadly I doubt that we will have any choices other than the candidates from the two major parties on the 2012 ballot thanks to the Sooner State’s notoriously restrictive ballot access laws. 

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