Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quote of the Day

The good news: We may only get 'Episode I' in 3D. The bad news: We're getting 'Episode I' in 3D.

Because there's nothing George Lucas loves more than killing his legacy from the inside out, the 3D version of 'Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace' is currently set to hit theaters on Feb. 10, 2012. Why? Because there will always be more memories to crush and wallets to rob. But in brighter news, it looks like if we all rally together and decide to not support a movie we've already seen and already hate, then the rest of the series may very well be saved.
-- Aiden Redmond from the post 3D Star Wars Conversions May Stop After 'Phantom Menace'

According to the story, if the first one flops they won’t bother putting out the rest in 3D.  And this made me giggle almost as much –
Folks, this is our time. Knowing George, he'll probably just convert 'em all anyway, but this is our moment to band together, to put crazy George in his place and take back our beloved Star Wars before it's too late. As interested you are to see the Death Star blow up with those Roy Orbison glasses on, you know you don't want to see Jar Jar in 3D, and you know you don't want to see Hayden Christensen weep and moan for another two hours in 'Episode II.'
As much as I love the original trilogy, there is no way that I’m going to pay to see these films in 3D. Lord only knows what Lucas changed in them and honestly I just can’t in good conscience give that man any more of my money. After seeing all of the films in the theaters (except A New Hope…I was too young at the time), spending gosh-knows how much on the nearly 40 SW books that I have read over the years, and buying, selling, and buying again the films on DVD (I only own the original trilogy and it is the versions with the theatrical releases on them) I think that I have invested more than enough to the Lucas fortunes.

It’s really sad how someone could create something that captured the imagination of a generation and then completely alienate that generation when that he tries to “correct” what he had made.    

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