Tuesday, June 14, 2011

EP Review: Self-Addressed EP (Part 1)

Title:  Self-Addressed EP (BandCamp)

Two Suns returns with the new two-song Self-Addressed EP.  Like on the Two Suns self-titled debut, Self-Addressed continues with the breathy vocals but this time around focuses more on sparse guitar work and effect laden background vocals than the wall-of-sound vibe.  This progression in the Two Suns’ music is not at all what I was expecting and reminds me a bit of New Order’s Bernard Sumner’s Electronic (more in feel than sound; Electronic was much more guitar driven than New Order and Self-Addressed is far more guitar driven than Two Suns). 

Both songs on the EP, “Five months Gone By” and “Another Door,” continue with the signature trippy/breathy Two Suns sound but this time around the arrangements are minimal in nature.  These arrangements work because it shows off the songs more than the effects.  There are still plenty of effects—what do you expect from a one-man-electronic-band—but this time around they aren’t the driving force of the EP.  I’d discuss the lyrics but honestly I’m having a hard time making them out; this isn’t a bad thing mind you, but without a lyric sheet there’s no way that I can really know for sure what the songs are about.  Despite my inability to suss out a lot of the lyrics (some do come across quite clear but not enough for me to totally get the gist of what is being sung), Self-Addressed is a great sounding release and an interesting development in this artist’s sound. 

You can read my review of Two Suns’ self-titled debut here and my interview with Jake Davidson here.

CORRECTION (6/15/2011):  These two songs are not the entire EP but the first singles.  The rest of the EP will be released in July 11th. 

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