Friday, June 10, 2011

Currently Listening

1. “King of the Mountain” by Midnight Oil (from Blue Sky Mining)
2. “Lombardy Street” by Avail (from Over the James [Bonus Tracks])
3. “Red Balloon” by Candy Hearts (from Ripped Up Jeans and Silly Dreams)
4. “Around the World” by Doug McKean (from Heels Up)
5. “Back & Forth” by Foo Fighters (from Wasting Light)
6. “Kiss Me Deadly” by Generation X (from Anthology Disc 1)
7. “Animal” by Jenny & Johnny (from I’m Having Fun Now)
8. “Thru The Fan” by Jon Snodgrass (from Visitor’s Band)
9. “You Let Me Down” by OK SWEETHEART (from Home)
10. “As Wicked” by Rancid (from …And Out Come the Wolves)

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