Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blast from the Past: Schubert Dip

Title:  Schubert Dip (Amazon, iTunes, CD Universe,, AllMusic, Wikipedia)

EMF will always be remembered for their huge 1991 hit “Unbelievable,” an infectious number that mixed a killer hook with dance beats, samples, and rock guitar riffs (a style that Wikipedia referred to as indie dance).  One could also quite accurately think of EMF as Jesus Jones Jr.  And while most people think of EMF as a one-hit-wonder, the band released three albums prior to going on hiatus.  Granted the only album that most people have (and the only one that I’ve ever owned) is their 1991 debut Schubert Dip. 

The record opens with “Children,” an ode to the young and all of the things in life that they deserve but may never get.  “Children” is probably my favorite song on the album and was one of four singles from the record.  “Long Summer Days” is a song about a relationship going down hill.  Love and relationships are common themes on the record.  Next is the fun “When You’re Mine,” another song about a girl, that has an infectious dance beat.  “Traveling Not Running” is one of the slower, almost ballad moments on the album.  Up next is “I Believe” another great dance number which is followed by the mega-hit “Unbelievable.”  “Girl of an Age” starts with an excellent sample of Bert and Ernie and moves into a mid-tempo number with an excellently catchy chorus.  “Admit It” is another dance number that is followed by the album’s second single “Lies.”  This song was probably not the best one from the album to follow “Unbelievable as a single because even though it is a catchy mid-tempo number, it lacks the energy of “Unbelievable.”  Finally the record closes out with “Longtime,” another slower song that is driven by the bass and keyboards. 

Schubert Dip was released when I was a sophomore in high school.  I finally go around to getting the tape that summer and enjoyed the record quite a bit.  It along with Jesus Jones’ Doubt and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin’s God Fodder were regular listening that summer.  And while Schubert Dip definitely has an early ‘90s feel to it, it is still a fun record that makes for great summer listening.  

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