Friday, June 24, 2011

Bill O’Reilly Likes Glee

No joke.  In his latest column, Fox News host and commentator Bill O’Reilly spoke very highly of the show Glee. 

From the column –
But there is an important social upside to the show. Gays, physically challenged people, and overweight kids are all put in a positive light compatible with the show's liberal tone.


The trendiness that Glee embraces on the tube doesn't much bother me, and I like the fact that chubby performers are often front and center. Also, the kid in the wheelchair sings great, and his presence sends an anti-stigma message as well. So, there is much good in the program.

At this point in America, young people are being barraged with tattooed vulgarians who dominate the rock and reality show world. The kids see anti-social behavior, hear poor grammar, and understand that crude conduct is often rewarded with fame and fortune. You don't have to go to the Jersey Shore; just arrive at your local beach or pool this summer, and you'll see young boys and girls with body ink and piercings all over the place. Do these children not have parents? Are their no mirrors in their homes?

The Glee crew is basically clean cut, and do you know what? It's refreshing. That's right, it's nice to see some young Americans on stage who don't look like living dead zombies or Charles Manson. I'm not asking for a comeback from the Kingston Trio or an Up With People convention, I'm just promoting equal time as far as grooming is concerned.

Also, the PC stuff on Glee is in context. It doesn't slap you in the face, like the faux trendy garbage you see on the nightly news, for example.


Yeah, it's positively gleeful. And I'm happy about it.
This positive review is in stark contrast to O’Reilly’s Fox News cohort Glen Beck’s reaction to the show. 

I love Glee and think that it sends some extremely positive messages to today’s youth.  I’m glad that O’Reilly was able to see that too. 

And for the record I have no problems with tattoos and whatnot.  I prefer to base my opinions on the behavior and conduct of others and not on how they look or dress.

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