Sunday, May 22, 2011

Show Review: Red City Radio, Roustabouts, & They Stay Dead at The Conservatory

Artists:  Red City Radio (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,, PureVolume), Roustabouts (Facebook, MySpace, PureVolume), They Stay Dead (BandCamp, Facebook, Twitter)
Venue:  The Conservatory (Official, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace)
Date:  May 20, 2011

I don’t get out to shows very often but this was one that I wasn’t going to miss! 

The show opened with They Stay Dead, an Edmund melodic hardcore / pop punk band that formed out of the ashes of Euclid Crash.  And boy what an opening it was.  They Stay Dead ripped through a fantastic set of melodic punk rock that left me wanting more.  After their set I picked up their self-titled debut EP which I shall be reviewing in the next few days.  I am looking forward to great things from They Stay Dead! 

Up next, my all time favorite band from the Sooner State, the Roustabouts!  Seeing these guys play again was amazing, even if they didn’t play anything from their fantastic album The Only One.  The set included new songs (some written prior to their hiatus and some that are new) and two covers (one song by The GC5 and one by Guided By Voices; sadly I cannot remember the name of either of these songs either and it is driving me crazy).  The new songs were catchy and powerful and the band hasn’t lost one bit of its energy.  According to the band, they should be heading into the studio sometime soon to record this new material.  Needless to say I am eagerly awaiting the next Roustabouts album!!! 

Finally hometown heroes Red City Radio took the stage for a blistering set of songs from their new album The Dangers of Standing Still and their EP To The Sons and Daughters Of Woody Guthrie.  Before taking the stage, RCR had the lights extinguished, an OKC Thunder banner hung behind the drum kit, and AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” blaring to help get the already excited crowd, pumped up (who knew that there were so many basketball fans in punk rock?).  From that point forward it was a pretty crazy show.  The crowd was going nuts and the band completely rocked.  I’d only seen RCR one time prior to this show, years ago when they opened up for the Hudson Falcons, and while they were good then, they have grown into an excellent band.  This is a band that really could go far (in the national punk scene at least) and create a loyal following.  They are also extremely proud of their hometown and that is something that is great to see in a band (in fact I felt my Oklahoma pride billowing up during the show). 

The best part about this show was getting to see the Roustabouts play again and see some folks that I rarely get to see.  Beyond that though, each band put on fantastic performances and left me wanting more.  You really couldn’t ask for a better night of fun, music, and friends. 

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