Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Favorite Voices: Johnette Napolitano

My Favorite Voices is a new feature where I focus on a singer whose voice I love.  I got this idea after listening to NPR’s 50 Great Voices last year.  Originally I was just going to do a list of my top 5 favorite singers male and female but I figured that this would be more entertaining than another list. 

Johnette Napolitano is best known as the lead singer, songwriter, and bass player of Concrete Blonde.  She has done work outside of Concrete Blonde but that is where I know her from, specifically from the spectacular album Bloodletting.  Her voice is nothing short of stunning, powerful, and sultry.  I would go so far as to say that she is in the top five all time greatest female vocalists in rock ‘n’ roll. 

For more information on Johnette Napolitano check out her Official website, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,, AllMusic, Wikipedia. 
For more information on Concrete Blonde check out their Official website, MySpace,, Yahoo Music, AllMusic, Wikipedia.

Here are some examples of Johnette Napolitano’s amazing voice.  Sadly I couldn’t find her performance of “Joey” on 120 Minutes, which was amazing.  She also includes some fantastic backing vocals on Bad Religion’s “Struck a Nerve.”

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