Monday, May 09, 2011

He Must Be Crazy…Newt to Run for President

I’m sorry but I don’t think that Newt can win, even against someone as unpopular as Obama.  I wouldn’t vote for Gingrich, but at this point I have a feeling that I will probably leave the presidential portion of the 2012 ballot blank since Oklahoma’s seven electoral votes are guaranteed to go to the Republican candidate...who I vote for doesn’t matter.   


Dave said...

Is there a white background to this post for anyone else? Blogger keeps acting so weird lately.

Otter Limits said...

I think Oklahoma needs some major election reform.

For one, I think Oklahoma should allow for the write-in vote.

I also think we need an open primary system.

But that's just me.

Otter Limits said...

Oh, and I probably wouldn't vote for Newt either.

Even though I like some of the ideas that he had, he is too much of a Party boy.

Dave said...

I completely agree with you on the election laws in Oklahoma. This state is a totally rigged game.