Saturday, May 14, 2011

EP Review: Two Suns EP

Title:  Two Suns EP (BandCamp)

Two Suns is a trippy electronic project.  The vocals are air and breathy and remind me of some weird cross between the Mammas & the Pappas and Chapterhouse.  In fact this entire EP has a very shoegazing feel to it.  I have to admit that I’m a bit out of my element with this because my exposure to electronic music has been pretty much limited to stuff like New Order, Depeche Mode, The Shamen, and some industrial like Nine Inch Nails and KMFDM. 

Two Suns is the brainchild of Norman’s Jake Davidson and was recorded during late night hours in his home studio while his two sons were sleeping (hence the name).  What really impresses me about that is the fact that Davidson was able to get such a large wall-of-sound affect without keeping his kids up at night.   

If you are a fan of electronic music or the bands that came out of the shoegaze scene, then I highly suggest that you check out Two Suns. 

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