Thursday, May 26, 2011

EP Review: L’OWL EP

Title:  L’OWL EP (BandCamp)
Artist:  The Pizza Thieves (BandCamp, Facebook, MySpace, iLike)

The Pizza Thieves is a low fi / surf rock duo from Norman, OK.  Their latest release is the five song EP L’OWL.  The EP opens with the minimal “”Someone Said It All.”  Up next is probably the best song on L’OWL, “Real American Boy,” which is a catchy low fi indie rock number.  Next is “Gurlz Eyes” which seems a bit manic at times.  Fourth on the EP is “Way Out West!” a song that is catchy but drags on just a bit too long for my tastes.  Finally the track ends with “L’OWL” which is seven minutes of feedback and noise.  There may be a song under there somewhere but if there is I couldn’t make it out. 

Overall The Pizza Thieves sound like early Guided By Voices playing ‘60s surf rock.  The songs are pretty good and show potential but tend to get lost in the feedback and low fi nature of the recordings. 

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