Tuesday, May 03, 2011

EP Review: Comroms EP

Title:  Comroms EP (Tumblr)
Artist:  Casey Lee (Tumblr, Twitter)

Casey Lee, the guitar player for the band Fake Problems, has released an EP that you can download for free (see link above).  Lee described the release by saying –
the songs are in no particular order since this was never recorded or meant to be any kind of record. The recordings of these songs are how they sounded exactly then. It was never meant to be a single piece of art and most certainly was never meant to be finalized or set in stone in any sense. these songs will change along with everything else. i put them all together because it seemed easier to be able to download them all at once (duh). everything was played and recorded by me in my bedroom in naples florida and my big brothers apartment in los angeles california during march and april of 2011.
This EP is a solo acoustic release that includes the occasional harmonica and steel guitar.  I have to admit that this really isn’t that good, but after taking the explanation above into consideration the quality of this release makes more sense.  I’ve never listened to Fake Problems so I have no frame of reference for Lee’s previous work.

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