Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CD Review: Feel Spectres

Title:  Feel Spectres (Nice People, BandCamp, Amazon)
Artist:  Feel Spectres (Official, Facebook, MySpace, BandCamp, Last.fm)

Oklahoma City’s Feel Spectres describe their music as “If Lou Reed, The B-52s and Edgar Allen Poe started a Pop group.”  Based on their self-titled debut album, I’d say that this is a pretty fair description of the band’s music.  Release last June, Feel Spectres contains 12 indie pop tunes that pull from ‘60s era pop and ‘90s indie rock. 

The album opens with the rockin’ “Moon” and moves into the Guided By Voices-eaque “Blow Up the Moon” and “Feels Right.”  The rest of the album proceeds in much the same vein, with moments that feel like Phil Spector produced pop to moments that feel like forgotten Guided By Voices gems.  The only real moments that don’t jump out as great are the kind of silly “Vampire Bop,” the drawn out “Keep It In Your Head,” the trudging “Don’t Wanna Know,” and the slow “Cold Woman Blue.”  But even with those weaker moments, this is a great debut album that shows a lot of promise. 

Great for fans of Guided By Voices, Hunx & His Punx, and The Pipettes.     

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