Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blast from the Past: East Side Drive

Title:  East Side Drive (Amazon, Interpunk, CD Universe, AllMusic)
Artist:  The Heartdrops (MySpace, AllMusic)

The Heartdrops was a greaser rock / garage rock / pop punk band from NYC.  During their all too short career the band released a handful of seven inch EPs and two full-length albums, both on Melted Records.  East Side Drive, the band’s second and final record, showed a band that had come completely into itself.  The Heartdrops’ debut album, This is The Heartdrops, was a very good record but East Side Drive was a great record.

Released in 1999, at the end of the decade/century/millennium East Side Drive harkens back to all of the great moments in rock ‘n’ roll history mixing elements of Elvis Presley, The Ramones, and The Devil Dogs (just to name a few).  In fact, it is The Devil Dogs that The Heartdrops were most compared to at the time and while I think it is a very fair comparison, the singing on both of The Heartdrops records was far superior to that of The Devil Dogs. 

Sadly I missed the one time that The Heartdrops played OKC (and it was at The Hole no less), but I’ve still got both of their CDs and highly recommend them, especially East Side Drive. 

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