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10 Questions with Nick Waggoner (of the Roustabouts)

Nick Waggoner is the lead singer and guitarist in what I truly believe is the best band to ever come from the Sooner State, the Roustabouts.  I first saw the Roustabouts when they opened up for the Hudson Falcons, The GC5, and The Doozers back in ’99 (or was it 2000?) at Music Dimensions and have been a huge fan ever since.  Their album The Only One is one of my favorite records of all time and a must for fans of outstanding punk rock. 

The Roustabouts will be playing shows at the Conservatory on May 20th (opening for Red City Radio) and May 31st (opening for The Arrivals and Toys That Kill).  If you can make wither gig, I highly suggest that you do because a Roustabouts show is something that is not to be missed!

This interview was conducted via Facebook April 27-29, 2011

For more information about the Roustabouts check out MySpace, Facebook, PureVolume. 

Dave:  The Roustabouts have some shows coming up opening for Red City Radio and Toys That Kill.  What prompted the band to get hack together again? 

Nick Waggoner: I don't really look at it as getting the band back together. We've always been friends first that just happen to jam and write music together. Even when we were not playing shows we still all hung out and such, so just a natural progression to say, hey you guys wanna play a few shows and with the arrivals hitting town it just worked out.

Dave: Speaking of Red City Radio, what did you think of their reference to the Roustabout in “Spinning In Circles Is A Gateway Drug”? (lyrics, video)

Nick: It's very flattering, i think Garret wrote that song and we have known that dude forever. Heck I remember when he was coming to roustabouts house shows when he was 16, he's got alot of heart.

Dave: Do you think that the Roustabouts suffered from being labeled an oi/street punk band?

Nick: Heck no, we played street punk music, I think the label was fair. It gave us the opportunity to tour the country with bands like the hudson falcons and gc5. That is not suffering. I think our songwriting did change of course, but those were very good times.

Dave: How has your songwriting and musical tastes changed over the years?

Nick: Songs have gotten more personal, in the beginning we were covering sort of broad topics and as the years went along it was more about personal experiences. As far as musical taste goes, I'll listen to just about anything as long as it moves me. That can be punk rock, country, hip hop whatever.

Dave: Are there any plans to reissue The Only One? It’s 10 year anniversary is coming up and a reissue with some bonus tracks would kick total ass (might I suggest including “No Surrender” on said reissue).

Nick: Wow, never thought about that. Jesse would be the man with the plan when it comes to those type of things. I just like to plug in and play and whatever happens next I roll with.

Dave: Are there any plans to release any of the material that the Roustabouts recorded prior to breaking up that was never released? (I would love to get my hands on this stuff by the way.)

Nick: Yes, I think we have 10 to 12 songs that we will record pretty soon, maybe trek up to tulsa and try to get a quality session in. We have wanted to record these for some time, but never got around to it. Looking forward to that for sure.

Dave: Since the Roustabouts broke up, what have you been doing? What other bands have you played in? What do you do outside of music?

Nick: Well, like I said earlier us dudes still hang. When im not doing that Im busy raising my two awesome kids, a 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son. That gets most of my attention. i have also been brewing beer for a couple years now, come over and have one!

Dave: This is a High Fidelity inspired question. What are your top 5 favorite albums, bands, movies, TV shows, and books/authors?

Nick: Wow, thats alot. Albums........5. Wu Tang Clan-36 chambers 4.American Steel-jagged thoughts 3.The Replacements-Tim 2.Foo Fighters -self titled 1. Descendents- Milo Goes to College. Movies-anything directed by Wes Anderson, dont watch much TV, Im reading Moby Dick!

Dave: What’s next for you?

Nick: Get my kids to bed and have a beer! Play music for the sheer joy of it. Run a marathon. Go to Wrigley Field. Stay Alive!

Dave: Any final thoughts?

Nick: Thunder Up!

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