Monday, April 04, 2011

Weighing In: Week 3

Weight (4/4/2011): 247.6 lbs

Not much to add this week. I’ve biked on Saturday and Sunday and have been doing various other types of working out on the other days. Hopefully I’ll keep making progress this week.


Blogmaster said...

good plan...we have a soninlaw with broke shoulder, a grand daughter with broke arm, a son in the hospital with a grouth in his scrotem (recovering and not malignant thank God) and a daughter with a crazy ex wife to her stepchildren throwing the daughter in a shrink ward, and loving life anyway...thank you Creator for 11 grand kids, 2 soninlaws, 2 daughter in laws, 4 kids, and my goats and dogs...have a great day Left and great life

Dave said...

Thank you sir and God bless you and your family!