Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quote of the Day

"We were never cool, but now that we are this big band, we are certainly not cool at all," he says. "I meet kids in these underground rock bands; I'm like Bon Jovi to those people."

The entire article is really worth reading is you are at all a fan of Grohl’s work.  I really admire this guy. 

Here’s another part of the story that stood out to me –
"20 years ago, everything was ruled by these major labels, but there was this really cool underground scene flourishing in its independence. We didn't need the big labels, radio and MTV to tell us it was cool," he says. "There is something about the independence that the Internet has given musicians that makes me feel hopeful for the future."

Nirvana emerged from the underground and turned the recording industry on its head. But before you could say flannel pajamas, the mainstream media co-opted that cool underground scene, repackaged it, and sold it as a commodity to the masses.
So as the underground scene starts to rise up again, Grohl has a suggestion for the mainstream music industry.

"Leave it be. We f---ed up an awesome underground scene 20 years ago, maybe we shouldn't f--- up the next one."

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