Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Movie Review: Red Riding Hood

Title:  Red Rising Hood (Official, IMDB, Wikipedia)

Red Riding Hood is a modern take on the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale that transforms the original cautionary story into a werewolf fantasy with varying degrees of success. 

First what’s good about the film.  The production is fantastic making this an excellent looking movie.  The acting is also surprisingly good (I wasn’t expecting much considering all of the negative things that I’ve heard about the filmbut Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman both did excellent jobs).  The special effects were also quite good.    

Now the bad.  The story was weak and the writing lackluster.  The film tried to make you unsure of the identity of the werewolf but the writing was so mediocre that the execution of these moments just fell flat.  That having been said I was surprised by the identity of the wolf but didn’t care that much.      

Overall this isn’t a terrible movie but it certainly isn’t worth seeing at full price (I went to the dollar movie myself).  If you at all interested in how folklore tales are portrayed in modern films, then you should check out Red Riding Hood but don’t expect anything reminiscent of the tales told by Charles Perrault or the Brothers Grimm. 

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