Friday, April 29, 2011

Glenn Beck Doesn’t Get Glee

Unlike most liberals, I actually like Glenn Beck.  I’ve listened to his show for quite a few years now and I think that I actually get him.  I don’t agree with him a lot of the time, but I get him.  He’s a regular guy who is speaking his mind about what he thinks is wrong with the world.  Often I agree with him about what is wrong and the fact that our society is losing touch with our heritage, and maybe more importantly things like our common sense and common decency.  But unlike Mr. Beck, I think that Glee sends some terrific messages…to the appropriate age group. 

According to this story, Glenn is equally amazed and horrified by Glee (watch the video in the link for full context) –

"I've watched it in stunned horror combined with a sense of admiring awe," he said. "It is a brilliant brilliant show...but it is a horror show...everybody in here is somebody your kids would want to be like, except everyone is sleeping with everyone else, it's all about's a nightmare."
He goes on to site the lyrics of the My Chemical Romance that the New Directions were performing.  He saw the lyrics as propaganda (the song in question is called "Sing," you can read the lyrics here and see a video here).  I’d hate to see what he would think if he got a hold of a Dead Kennedys lyric sheet.  His criticism about the premarital sex on the show is valid, but sadly that is life in high school.  I’m not condoning or condemning, just stating the facts. 

The real message that Glee sends is the one that I think Mr. Beck is missing.  It’s a show about empowerment, individuality (something that I thought conservatives valued), and acceptance.  This show is completely and totally about being who and what you are, being true to yourself.  How bad can that be?  Also there are quite a few characters that are Christians and have professed their faith in various episodes. 

I think that it is possible that Mr. Beck is so focused on seeing the bad (and progressive/communist/socialist/radical) in everything that he has missed all of the great lessons that this show does teach.  Is it perfect?  No.  Is Beck’s point about limiting a child’s TV consumption a good one?  Hell yes!  There is a reason why we don’t have cable or satellite TV in our house (even though we can get the latter for free).  Despite the fact that there are a handful of channels that we would all enjoy having, I really don’t want to have that floodgate open at all times in my house.  It just really isn’t worth the time and effort to get some kind of pay TV when there are so many other options for accessing the things that we want to see. 

So Glenn I think that you should sit back, forget about the evil communists lurking behind ever corner, and give Glee another shot.  You might actually find all of the good things that you’ve been missing. 

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