Wednesday, April 13, 2011

EP Review: Roman Nose

Title: Roman Nose (Sabot Productions, Amazon, iTunes, InterPunk)
Artist:  Ninja Gun (Official, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,

Ninja Gun is a band that is really hard to describe.  They have elements of pop, country, folk, and a hint of punk in their music but none seem to dominate.  This amalgamation is what makes their new EP Roman Nose so engaging.  The four song EP is lavishly well produced with haunting acoustic guitars and majestic vocals.  In the past few years bands and artists that have been traditionally part of the punk scene have experimented with music that would fall under the Americana label, dabbling with folk, country, acoustic guitars, fiddles, etc. and Ninja Gun is an excellent example of the amazing music that can come from this type of melding. 

If you are a fan of artists like Chuck Ragan, Austin Lucas, Drag the River, The Gaslight Anthem, Against Me!, or Mike Park then I highly suggest that you give Roman Nose a listen.  I think that you’ll like what you hear. 

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