Monday, April 04, 2011

Do You Hate It When Your Favorite Bands Sell Out?

Well one band is considering doing just that. Why? Because people keep illegally downloading their music for free and they need to make a living.

From the story –
As far as Tokyo Police Club are concerned, if you illegally download music for free then don't be surprised when your favourite band are forced to commercialize their work in hopes of earning an income.

"I don't know if you can sell-out, really," frontman Dave Monks tells Spinner. "I feel like that's the fair trade; you get your music for free, you're welcome. That's the way the world works, I don't hold it against anyone.

"But if you see us doing something lame, don't get angry, because we gotta do our thing, too, and make sure we've got time to go write records, and money to come tour and bring lights or something."

Maybe I'm getting old but I honestly can't say that I blame them.

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