Monday, April 11, 2011

CD Review: Taking Over the World

Title: Taking Over the World (Nice People)
Artist:  Skating Polly (Band Camp, Facebook, MySpace,

Skating Polly is an Edmund based duo that plays a mix of indie and punk rock with a dash of riot grrrl for good measure.  The best part about this band is that they are kids.  Literally.  These girls are 10 and 15 (as of the writing of this piece last August…not sure if either has had a birthday since then).  On top of that, they write all of their own music and amazing that music is pretty good.  Yes it is simple and it sounds like it is played by kids but it shows such great potential that I am really looking forward to watching this band grow. 

According to the previously linked story, Peyton Suitor and Kelli Mayo are fans of “Nirvana, The Beatles, Hole, and Neutral Milk Hotel” and it shows in their music.  These kids sound like they were weaned on Pavement, Sonic Youth, Bratmobile, and Guided By Voices records.  My hats off to their parents for supporting them in this musical endeavor and I’ve also got to give huge props to whoever introduced these young ladies to such great music!  If you like any of the aforementioned bands, then do yourself a favor and check out Taking Over the World.  You’ll be supporting a young local group and a local record label in the process.  Oh an my personal favorite song on this CD is “Seeing the World” with the lyric “Growing up tall and growing up small and sometimes not even growing up at all.”  That is great stuff, especially when sung by a ten year-old.   

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kmyers said...

Skating Polly is one of my favorite bands! Those girls can ROCK.