Friday, April 01, 2011

CD Review: The Palace Guards

Title: The Palace Guards (Amazon)
Artist: David Lowery (Official, MySpace,, Wikipedia)

David Lowery, the front man of Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker, has released his first solo record with The Palace Guards. For long time fans of Lowery’s music, his solo debut is pretty much what you’d expect – moody rock mixed with country (calling this alt country would probably be a good way to describe it and Cracker and CVB for that matter).

I’ve listened to this CD a few times now (I’m on my second listen this morning as I type this) and I’m just not sure about it. The songs and the production are both good, but for some reason this record isn’t jumping out to me. Admittedly I’ve only ever been a cursory fan of Lowery’s bands (owning only two CVB records – the ones with “Take the Skinheads Bowling” and “Pictures of Matchstick Men” – and the first two Cracker albums; all of which I thoroughly enjoyed but I never bothered to dig any deeper) so I may not be well versed enough in his career and music to get this record. I can tell that The Palace Guards is a good record, but it’s one that I’m probably not going to get into that much.

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