Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 Questions with Skating Polly

Skating Polly is a kick ass duo made up by 15 year-old Peyton Suitor and 10 year-old Kelli Mayo that play a mixture of riot grrrl indie rock, pop, and punk.  The girls have released their debut album, Taking Over the World, late last year on Nice People Records and are in the process of writing material for their second record (you can read my review of Taking Over the World here).

This interview was conducted via email April 22 – 27, 2011. 

For more information on Skating Polly check out Band Camp, Facebook, MySpace, Last.fmThe Oklahoma Daily also did an excellent piece on the band which can be found here.

Dave:  How did the band get together?

Peyton Suitor:  We were just playing music together at our Halloween party. I was on drums and Kelli was on her basitar, and we were just making stuff up. We played a version of a song that Kelli wrote when she was younger, which is Mars.

Kelli Mayo:  Our parents met in law school and ever since then we've been hanging out and we've always had instruments laying around an one day on Halloween we just started playing.

Dave:  You released your debut CD, Taking Over the World, through Nice People Records.  How did you get hooked up with the label?

Peyton:  David called Chris Harris to have him come over an help him out with his recorder and learn about microphones, so we gave him one of our cards that we made on notecards. He listened to some of our demos, and that how that happened.

Kelli:  We had Chris come Over to help us with our home recorder and we just got set up with him there.

Dave:  It’s been said that you have either met or corresponded with Kimya Dawson (The Moldy Peaches), Kelly Ogden (The Dollyrots), and Exene Cervenka (X).  How’d all of this happen?

Peyton:  We have met everyone by going to their shows and just introducing ourselves. We would tell them about Skating Polly and show them some songs that we recorded on a phone. We got email addresses from them and they've helped us out a lot.

Kelli:  Kimya Dawson was at a show and we met her there and we met Exene and Kelly Ogden at the Conservatory.

Dave:  If you could record a record with anyone (i.e. any producer or recording studio) who would it be?

Peyton:  Jack Endino or Calvin Johnson, would be so cool,  and recording with Chris Harris is lots of fun, also.

Kelli:  Subpop

Dave:  Have you ever thought of adding an additional member to the band or do you prefer the dynamic of working as a duo?

Peyton:  We don't think that we would want another band member. It might get too complicated with someone that doesn't live with us, and we like the simplicity of it.

Kelli:  No.

Dave:  Who are your favorite bands to play with, what are your favorite venues to play?  Are there any specific shows that stick out in your mind as being extremely memorable?

Peyton:  Some of our favorite bands to play with are The Boom Bang, Broncho, Feel Spectres, and Gang Starr Museum. We've played lots of shows with The Boom Bang, and it is always so much fun, and our most memorable show is the one with The Boom Bang and Broncho because Broncho and The Boom Bang was great, and some guy broke his ankle. It was cool.

Kelli:  The indie craft bazaar was extremely memorable because everything went wrong at first but then we fixed it.

Dave:  Being so young, do you feel that the folks in the Oklahoma music scene have accepted you?  (I ask because it’s not always the nicest place in the world.  No offense to anyone out there, but sometime folks in the scene, especially the punk end of the spectrum, can be jerks.)

Peyton:  I think that most people have accepted us. Everyone we've played with has been so cool to us, and the people that come to the shows really like us. The only people I can think of that had some sort of resentment toward us were the one's at Edmond Music, but that was because we were asking for guitars that were out of make. And it wasn't resentment as much as they thought we were ridiculous or even asking about mosrites and jacaranda.  (Editor’s note: I have no idea what those are.  Now I feel dumb.)

Kelli:  Yeah

Dave:  This is a High Fidelity inspired question.  What are your top 5 favorite bands, albums, movies, TV shows, books/authors?

Peyton:  Currently bands are Nirvana, Neutral Milk Hotel, Elliott Smith, Starlight Mints and Best Coast; Albums are Etiqutte (Casiotone for the Painfully Alone), Crazy for You (Best Coast), Album (Girls), What the He'll Do I Know (Illinois), and Antics (Interpol); Movies:  Goodfellas, Scott Pilgrim, American History X, Dog Day Afternoon, and Scharamoushe (The spelling is probably wrong on that); TV shows; It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks and Recreation, SNL, The Office and 30 Rock; Books: The Outsiders, Please Kill Me, Exit Here, Rumble Fish, Tex. S.E Hinton is my favorite author.

Kelli:  Luis Satcher, Harry Potter, Scott Pilgrim, Juno, Whip It, IRM, Regina Spektor, X, White Stripes, Hole, Nirvana

Dave:  What’s next for Skating Polly?

Peyton:  We are working on another album, Now We Wanna Live On Mars, right now; hopefully it will be ready by my birthday so my birthday party can be the CD release.

Kelli:  We're gonna try and go on tour during the summer.

Dave:  Any final thoughts?

Peyton:  I can have Kelli answer these, too, on Monday when she gets back from her mom's house, if you would like.

Kelli:  (Editor’s note: Kelli didn’t answer this question but at the bottom of the email it stated “Sent from my iPhone.”  I thought that was just too fitting not to include.)

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