Monday, March 28, 2011

Weighing In: Week 2

Weight (3/28/11): 249.0 lbs

Here we are at the beginning of week two. After doing my walk/jog/run combo everyday until Friday last week (I skipped Friday because there was a ton of things that I had to do that morning) and then picking it back up again on Saturday, my knees are killing me. I went out on Friday and got actual running/training shoes and some knee brace things and they helped a bit on my Saturday walk/jog/run but my knees still hurt (especially when I walk down the stairs). So on Sunday I went on a power walk on the same route around my neighborhood (which is about 1.3 miles) and today I worked out to a Billy Banks DVD (Billy’s Boot Camp: Basic Training). My knees don’t hurt near as much as they did after the walk/jog/run and I got my heart rate up (which is what my doctor wants) so I think going forward I’ll work out to those videos and ride one of our bikes around the neighborhood a few times a week (switching off as weather permits). But I haven’t gone down the stairs since my work out…we’ll see what happens then.

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