Monday, March 28, 2011

Spy vs. Spy

Here is an excellent article by Danniel Parker at The City Sentinel that gives a detailed account of the fallout with 105.3 The Spy.

Thanks to Charles Hill for the find.


Anonymous said...

Outside of the two dozen fact errors and mistakes, at least he got a hold of someone at Last Bastion.

I always wondered what happened to Danniel. After he ran over that girl as a member of Deep Donkey Crew, I figured I'd never hear that name again.

Dave said...

I’ve never heard of the author of the story.

Could you elaborate on the error and mistakes?

Anonymous said...

105.3 FM's tower is 0.93 kw, not 930 kw. Compare that with 93.3 FM, which is 100kw.

O'Brien stopped operating 105.3 on December 3, not November 24.

"Breakfast Toaster" is "The Toaster Brunch". Notice Danniel also uses incorrect information in a quote from O'Neal.

Brian Winkeler is with Robot House Creative, not of Simon Hurst Photography.

The Britton location was never Horton's job site - she came on after the Spy's move to online-only.

Erick O'Neal is Erik O'Neal.
Juke Joint Revivial is Juke Joint Revival.
Briton Road is Britton Road.

Makes you wonder what else is wrong with the article.

Anonymous said...

Some of the mistakes in the article are debatable. They came from taped interviews with the sources.

Others, like the misspellings and calling a show The Toaster Brunch the "Breakfast Toaster," are human errors, which reminds me to do my job better.

I was interviewed by police in regards to the altercation from 2007 that was mentioned above. The police did not pursue charges or arrest me, deeming my actions a matter of self defense. The other parties involved were arrested on scene, along with the club owner, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

anonymous.. Seems we see eye to eye on this so-called writer. I'd like to know more about the incident.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure was this reporter's road rage history has to do with anything, but this story certainly deserved more attention to detail and some proofreading. LONG LIVE THE SPY! V.F.