Friday, March 18, 2011

The Return of 120 Minutes

MTV2 has resurrected, what IMHO is the best thing that MTV EVER produced, the show 120 Minutes. When I first saw the headline I actually got a little bit excited. Then I read this part –
MTV2 is playing they're own part in bringing back the '90s with the return of MTV's famous alternative rock show "120 Minutes." That's right -- it's back (with new music, of course), and the original host Matt Pinfield is reprising his role as "walking musical encyclopedia." Seriously. How does he know everything ever?
Okay…MTV really needs to hire someone to do some fact checking because Matt Pinfield was NOT the original host of 120 Minutes. When I started watching the show in 1990 it was hosted by Dave Kendall, but even he wasn’t the show’s original host. A quick jaunt over to the Wikipedia entry for 120 Minutes and one will see that the show had been on the air for NINE YEARS before Pinfield joined.

I have to admit that to me, the show started going down hill after Pinfield become the host. I remember seeing his first episode; he interviewed Oasis and was kissing up to them so hard I nearly hurled. It’s not that I dislike Oasis because I don’t, but I certainly don’t take them seriously as an alternative rock band and the way that Pinfield was talking to them you’d have thought that they taught Johnny Marr how to play guitar. After watching that interview, it was really hard for me to take his actually good interview with Rancid seriously. Am I being a bit of a music snob? Probably but oh well. Plus his voice really gets on my nerves.

But all of that aside, it’s good to see 120 Minutes back on the air. Hopefully they will help introduce a lot of kids to some really good music.

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Christophe said...

Fuck Matt Pinfield. He's a moron that doesn't check his facts before he goes on air and MTV wouldn't take my call to prove him wrong. haha. Seriously though... not making that up...