Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CD Review: Guts n’ Teeth

Title: Guts n’ Teeth (Fat Wreck Chords, Amazon, InterPunk)
Artist: Old Man Markley (Official, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube,, Fat Wreck Chords, Wikipedia)

Old Man Markley is a conglomeration of California punk rockers and bluegrass musicians that have put together a truly excellent traditional bluegrass record that includes all of the must have elements. Fiddle? Check. Banjo? Check. Standup bass? Check. Mandolin? Check. Washboard? Check. Harmonica? Check. And of course there is a guitar and drums. The songs on the band’s debut album Guts n’ Teeth are about love and loss and sound like something that would belong right next to classics by Bill Monroe and Flatts & Scruggs. This is a truly fantastic record, but I love bluegrass, so I have to admit I’m not sure how the traditional punk rock community/scene will react to this. But then again a lot of punk rockers are playing country and roots music these days (see Chuck Raga, Tim Barry, Drag the River, and pretty much everything on Suburban Home Records as examples). But back to the record, there’s honestly not much more to say than this record is really freaking good; easily one of the best to come out so far this year. Hopefully these guys and gals will make a stop in OKC at some point this year.

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