Friday, January 07, 2011

Trump for President?

It looks like it might happen.

From the story –
Earlier this week, Trump told Forbes he was encouraged by surveys that found his business acumen would be seen as a positive by voters.

"Polls have come out and have been very strong," Trump said. "A recent poll came out where Trump and [Bill] Gates are the only two that beat [President Barack] Obama. Gates isn't running obviously, but they put names on it, and we're the only ones who beat Obama."


"I have dealt with politics all of my life indirectly and directly," Trump said in the Forbes interview. "I would say few people have raised more money for politicians than I have over the years. And the other thing is I don't need money to run, unlike other people, so that's a big advantage. And that's an advantage for the voters, too, you know, because you don't have to make deals."
I know nearly nothing about this man other than he is rich, famous for being rich, and has a reality TV show (which I have never seen). I guess we’ll see what will happen in a few months. Unfortunately this means that the 2012 campaign is getting ready to start…already. *sigh* It seems like the campaigns just never end anymore. These people spend more time running for office than actually spend in office.

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