Friday, January 07, 2011

Quote of the Day

A God vain enough to demand our worship and to doom us to a fiery hell for eternity if we don't please him wouldn't be worth worshipping: he'd be a petty tyrant.
-- Ben Weasel from the post DAMNATION AND WORSHIP


Otter Limits said...

The part of that blog that stuck out to me was:

"The man who persists in sin isnt judged by an angry God and sentenced to eternity in hell upon his death. Rather, of his own free will, he rejects God and thus faces the inevitable consequences. Hell isn't a place where God puts "bad" people. Hell is simple a possible consequence of free will."

What this means to me is that no, God is not vain enough to doom us to hell but man is vain enough to reject God and send himself to hell.

Dave said...

What about those people who are not sinners but happen to not be Christians? What happens to the Hindu (for example) who leads a good, moral, and ethical life? Is he/she damned to burn in hellfire simply for assigning a different name to God?

Otter Limits said...

Fortunately that is not for me to decide.

It is for God and God alone to decide whether or not they have rejected Him.

Dave said...

Is it a sin to simply reject God? Also is not believing or not knowing God a form of rejection? I’m not trying to give you a hard time, I’m just asking because I’ve always had a hard time with this part of Christianity.