Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not Good News

Headline: NBC Universal/Comcast Merger Closer To Approval By FCC

From the story –
Comcast Corp. is one step closer to acquiring NBC Universal after FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski gives conditional backing. The biggest concern by federal regulators is the perception of a fair market amongst media content providers and content distribution. This has rival media companies voicing concern over the conditions.


The Justice Department has been scrutinizing the deal and supporting documents for possible anti-trust violations, while the FCC, under Genachowski’s direction, has been providing a list of conditions required for FCC approval that delve mainly into ensuring that Comcast does not unfairly restrict other programming providers access to NBC content.

An additional FCC condition concerns Comcast's abiding by the concept of “Net Neutrality,” in that is does not restrict NBC competitors' access to their Internet network. This would mean that they could neither prohibit the competitors, nor prioritize their own content over their competitors'. These conditions would have to be adhered to for a minimum of 7 years for approval.
I really hope that this merger does not go through. This would be extremely bad for the media industry.

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