Friday, January 21, 2011

Comics Review: Justice League of America: The Lightning Saga

Title: Justice League of America: The Lightning Saga (DC Comics, Amazon, Wikipedia)
Authors: Brad Meltzer (Official, What I Believe: Official Blog, Wikipedia) & Geoff Johns (Official, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia)

The Lightning Saga is the second major storyline in the post-Infinite Crisis Justice League of America series and is a crossover with the Justice Society of America. The series also is the first appearance of the post-IC Legion of Super-Heroes, which subsequently looks a lot like the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Legion. The graphic novel also includes three one-off stories Walls, Monitor Duty, and Justice League of America # 0.

The story of The Lightning Saga deals with the mysterious appearance of members of the 31st century’s Legion and the connections/interplay between the JLA and JSA. It also marks the return of The Flash, Wally West (he disappeared into the Speed Force during IC) and begins to set up the events that would later come in Countdown to Final Crisis and Final Crisis.

Geoff Johns and Brad Meltzer and probably my two favorite comic book writers and this graphic novel is a splendid example as to why. These two gentlemen know these characters inside and out and beyond that know how to spin an epic yarn. But it isn’t the big battles that make this series something special. It is the human moments. Just look at the pages following the return of Wally West, the reactions of Green Lantern, Red Arrow, and Batman are all very griping and exemplify great storytelling.

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