Friday, January 28, 2011

CD Review: Good Luck Buttons

Title: Good Luck Buttons (Amazon, InterPunk)
Artist: Kevin Seconds (Official, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook,, PureVolume, Wikipedia)

Kevin Seconds will always be known for his work with the seminal hardcore punk band 7 Seconds, but he is far from one show pony, something well known to long-time fans of the band (or at least should be to anyone who has listened to anything beyond their hardcore records).

Good Luck Buttons is Kevin Seconds’ fourth solo album, but the first that I have heard. InterPunk described the record as having “that folksy vibe in the style of punk gone acoustic” and I think that is pretty spot on. This record mixes folk, alt country, and indie rock/pop to create a sound that is unique and familiar all at the same time. These songs are well crafted and fun but drastically different than 7 Seconds (not that that is a bad thing). Had I heard this record when it came out last year, it would have landed a spot on my best of 2010 list.

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