Friday, December 24, 2010

Who Should Get Coal?

In his latest column, Bill O’Reilly lists those people who he thinks should get coal in their stockings from Santa. It’s a pretty funny list that attacks people on both sides of the political spectrum and is well worth reading for a good chuckle.

Money Quote –
That preacher nut in Florida who threatened to burn the Koran deserves to be trapped in a coal mine, never mind the stocking. That's all these crazy jihadists need to kill more Americans--a Koran burning on the worldwide net.

The Westboro Baptist Church crew (no affiliation with the Baptist church) who demonstrate at military funerals should have coal thrown at them. These religious fanatics believe God is punishing the American military because this country does not persecute gays. The Taliban is actively recruiting Fred Phelps and his vile gang.

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