Thursday, December 30, 2010

Comics Review: Booster Gold: 52 Pick Up

Title: Booster Gold: 52 Pick Up (DC Comics, DC Comics Database, Amazon, Wikipedia)
Author: Geoff Johns (Official, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia)

Booster Gold is a B list superhero who first appeared at the dawning of the modern (i.e. post-Crisis on Infinite Earths) DC era. With no ties to the Silver Age, Booster Gold was born completely out of the world of the 1980s. He was a hero with a publicist who seemed to be as concerned with making headlines as saving people. In a lot of ways he wasn’t a very likeable character and was honestly a bit of a joke. That was before Geoff Johns got his hands on him.

Booster Gold’s turnaround started in during the build up to, and in, Infinite Crisis and continued through 52 (the latter I have actually yet to read). But in Booster Gold: 52 Pick Up, Johns takes Booster from a bumbling goof that shows hints of potential and transforms him into a truly excellent superhero. In this story, Booster Gold takes on a new role of Time Master. He joins Rip Hunter in the journey to save history from those who want to travel through time and change it.

This story is not only a blast to read, it is also surprising. Who ever thought Booster Gold could be so cool?!? Not only did Johns make Booster heroic, he made him a human character that the reader can sympathize with, and that is not an easy feat especially for a character born of the consumerism of the Reagan era. At this point I’m not sure that Geoff Johns can write a bad story. He has been elevated to my favorite writer in comics and I am determined to read anything that he writes that falls into my hands (or hand and a half in my case).

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