Sunday, November 07, 2010

Show Review: Dead To Me and Euclid Crash at The Conservatory

Artists: Dead To Me (MySpace, Facebook, Fat Wreck Chords,, Wikipedia) with Euclid Crash (Facebook, MySpace, and The Easy Lovers (MySpace, Facebook)
Venue: The Conservatory (Official, Facebook)
Date: November 6th

Last night Euclid Crash played their final show opening up for Dead To Me and Cobra Skulls at The Conservatory. This would be the second, and sadly last, time I’d get to see this great local band.

Before EC took the stage, the show was opened by Norman’s The Easy Lovers. The Easy Lovers played fairly straight forward punk rock ala Social Distortion and The Methadones. The band played a short set and was a solid opener for the rest of the show.

After an incredibly fast breakdown by The Easy Lovers, Euclid Crash setup (also very quickly) and banged out a nine song set that included old songs, brand new songs, and a Descendents cover. The entire set was great (even when Tory forgot some of the lyrics to “Coolidge”) and I was really sad that this was the end for this band. One great thing about seeing this band play was watching drummer Jesse Smith. This guy is amazing on the drums, easily the best drummer in Oklahoma, and probably the best drummer in punk rock next to Bill Stevenson. Bassist Dave Klein (formerly from Wretch Like Me) also was impressive. I’d like to see someone start a band with Dave on bass and Jesse on drums…that could be outstanding.

Up next was the band that I thought would be headlining, Dead To Me, but I’m glad that they weren’t because I was getting tired and ready to go home. Dead To Me is one of my favorite bands and I was super excited to finally see them live and they did not disappoint. The band rammed through songs from all three of their releases but mostly pulling from Cuban Ballerina and Little Brother. Bassist Chicken was fun to watch and had great back-and-forth banter with the crowd. Dead To Me has gone through quite a few lineup changes since starting and they are now on their third co-vocalist, Sam Johnson, who did a very good job with the songs and was a great showman. I have to admit though that I wish Jack Dalrymple was still in the band. Even with the absence of Jack, Dead To Me did a great set and I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

Up next was Cobra Skulls but I didn’t stick around to check them out. I’m old and was tired and saw the bands that I came to see so it was time to go.

One thing that was really great about the show was the crowd. The audience was devoid of hipsters or trendy kids and that was really nice. In fact the only other show that I’ve been to where I felt so in sync with the folks there was the Stephen Egerton CD release show (where I first saw Euclid Crash).

Thank you to Euclid Crash and Dead To Me for the great night and great music!

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