Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quote of the Day

"In the ninth round and in the 10th round, I looked at his eyes and at his face and I took pity on him, because his eyes were closing up," Pacquiao said. "He had really, really bad cuts around his eyes."

"I told the referee, 'Look at his eyes, look at his cuts,'" Pacquiao said. "I did not want to damage him permanently. That's not what boxing is about."
-- Manny Pacquiao

I don’t write much, if it all, about sports because I don’t follow sports but the Pacquiao vs. Margarito last night was apparently a pretty big deal (if based on nothing other than the amount of calls I took at work last night about the thing). According to the story I linked above, there were over 41, 000 people in attendance to see the fight. That’s a lot of people to go and see anything, let alone a boxing match. I didn’t realize that anyone really followed boxing anymore. Obviously I was wrong.

What caught my eye about this story was the headline on the AOL home page—Manny Pacquiao Shows Sympathy for Foe. That was enough to get me to click the link and scan the story until I found the quote above. It’s not often that people who make their living beating the utter piss out of people show any kind of compassion for their opponents, hell it’s not often that you get anyone to show any kind of compassion these days. Sad really…

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