Monday, November 01, 2010

Has Capitalism Failed?

That is the question Steve at The Otter Limits ponders in the thought provoking post The Failure of Capitalism?.

Money Quote –
Perhaps capitalism has not failed by itself. That is, perhaps capitalism is not the symptom of the problem. Maybe it is just the greed of corporate America.

Perhaps it is the fault of our elected officials whose political campaigns and careers are significantly funded by corporate America so they have a vested interest in allowing it to run free, without any type of meaningful regulation. They want to keep their jobs and are so addicted to their power that they have basically taken the lease off the dog.

Our Presidents, our U.S. Senators, our Congressmen, even our state and local legislators have been bought and paid for, which is indicative to me that they are just as greedy as corporate America itself. This shows me that they, like capitalism, just might have failed this country as well. They have failed the people and they have
failed future generations because of their own greed.
The entire post is excellent and well worth the time to read.

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