Sunday, November 14, 2010

Currently Listening

1. “Know Like Hurt” by Armchair Martin (from Hang on Ted)
2. “Heather” by Euclid Crash (from F.M.O.)
3. “Small Town Boy” by John Moreland & the Black Gold Band (Things I Can’t Control)
4. “A Reflection” by The Thermals (from Personal Life)
5. “Scissor Runner” by Jenny & Johnny (from I’m Having Fun Now)
6. “Searchlight” by Doug McKean (from Concerto for Second Fiddle)
7. “Smart Girls” by Weezer (from Hurley)
8. “They Don’t Make Gravel Roads Like They Used To” by Red City Radio (from Spinning In Circles Is A Gateway Drug)
9. “Tangerine” by Buffalo Tom (from Sleepy Eyed)
10. “I Quit” by Descendents (from ‘Merican [EP])
11. “Oxes & Horses” by Drag the River (from Primer)

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