Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Currently Listening

1. “Breakin’ Up” by Rilo Kiley (from Under the Blacklight)
2. “Brand New Shoes” by She & Him (from Volume Two)
3. “Knock-Down Drag-Out” by Weezer (from Weezer [Green Album])
4. “Never Coming Home” by Armchair Martin (from Who Wants to Play Bass)
5. “It’s You” by The Epoxies (from Stop the Future)
6. “Deep End” by Sinkhole (from Space Freak)
7. “Birds and Bees” by Ben Lee & Mandy Moore (from Ripe)
8. “Bridge & Tunnel” by Re-Volts (from Re-Volts)
9. “After Hours” by We Are Scientists (from Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist)
10. “Smoke Like a Girl” by Swingin’ Utters (from More Scared)

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