Monday, November 08, 2010

Currently Listening

1. “Raised That Way” by Euclid Crash (from F.M.O.)
2. “Scissor Runner” by Jenny & Johnny (from I’m Having Fun Now)
3. “Alone, a Fool” by The Thermals (from Personal Life)
4. “Smart Girls” by Weezer (from Hurley)
5. “My Goodbye” by Automatic Loveletter (from Truth or Dare)
6. “Postcards from Home” by Doug McKean (from Concerto for Second Fiddle)
7. “Other Side of OK” by Drag the River (from Daytrotter Studio 10/20/2010)
8. “Spinning in Circles is a Gateway Drug” by Red City Radio (from Spinning In Circles Is A Gateway Drug)
9. “Ran That Scam” by Dead To Me (from Little Brother)
10. “Like Jack Dalrymple” by Filthy Thieving Bastards (from My Pappy Was a Pistol)

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