Monday, November 01, 2010

Currently Listening

1. “Disbelieve” by Drag the River (from Hobo’s Demo’s)
2. “Searchlight” by Doug McKean (from Concerto for Second Fiddle)
3. “Turn It On” by The Flaming Lips (from Transmissions from the Satellite Heart)
4. “Everything’s My Fault” by John Moreland & the Black Gold Band (from Endless Oklahoma Sky)
5. “Girlfriend in a Coma” by Mojo Nixon (from Whereabouts Unknown)
6. “We Are” by One Man Army (from Rumors and Headlines)
7. “Summer Babe [Winter Version]” by Pavement (from Slanted and Enchanted)
8. “Center of the City” by Roustabouts (from The Only One)
9. “I Don’t Believe You” by The Thermals (from Personal Life)
10. “Memories” by Weezer (from Hurley)

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