Saturday, November 27, 2010

Comics Review: DC Versus Marvel

Title: DC Versus Marvel (Amazon, Wikipedia)

DC Versus Marvel is a graphic novel collection of the four issue crossover series that brought together the two biggest companies in comic book history. The big event happened back in 1996 and also included the short run joint endeavor Amalgam Comics (a series of titles based on a mash-up of the two companies universes/characters). The story of the series centers around two cosmic entities, brothers, that were the embodiment of each universe. The brothers had battled in the distant past but had forgotten each other for over millennia (the result of a cataclysmic battle). Due to recent “cosmic events” the two brothers became aware of each other again and renewed their battle, this time though pitting the champions from each universe against each other, whichever universe had the most victories in the one-on-one contests would survive and the other be destroyed.

Overall this is an interesting and enjoyable collection but it left me a little flat. First off the idea of the cosmic brothers was an interesting one but that doesn’t explain the fact that, at the time, the DC Universe was a universe and the Marvel Universe a multiverse. Since I’m a bit of a continuity nut, this plot devise drives me crazy (plus there is also the fact that it is considered out of canon). I also have to agree with this review in that many of the battle are disappointing. I also have to agree with this review in that the series was very much a product of the times. I didn’t read comics much in the ‘90s but I have done my homework and know a bit about the era. Comics, like a lot of things in the ‘90s, seemed to try to be breaking with the past. Many of the classic heroes were gone and replaced with newer versions (Spider-Man and Green Lantern for example) and some of the classic heroes were extremely different than they had been (Aquaman for example). All of that having been said, the artwork in DC Versus Marvel is pretty good and the writing isn’t terrible so it does make for a fun read, despite the disappointed that it brings.

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