Monday, November 01, 2010

CD Review: Personal Life

Artist: The Thermals (Official, MySpace, Wikipedia)
Title: Personal Life (Amazon)

The Thermals’ fifth album Personal Life shows the growth and maturity of a truly great band. These power pop, indie punk masters have produced an album that is catchy, thoughtful, and at times mellow.

The album’s single “I Don’t Believe You” is absolutely perfect traditional Thermals’ fare. The song is upbeat and catchy with lots of whoa’s in the chorus. But if fans are looking for an album of songs like that then they may be in for some disappointment because “I Don’t Believe You” is the fastest song on the record. But that is not to say that the other songs aren’t good, because the songs are good—great even—but they are slower than your typical Thermals’ song. Not that the band hasn’t done slower songs before, both The Body, the Blood, the Machine and Now We Can See have their share of slower numbers, the only difference here is that the slower songs out number the faster ones on Personal Life. This isn’t an album of ballads but more mid-tempo power pop songs (kind of like The Replacements’ “Can’t Hardly Wait”).

Fans of The Thermals should definitely check out Personal Life and not give up on the record because it is slower than the band’s previous material. These songs are really, really good and this is a band that truly deserves the spotlight.

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