Monday, November 08, 2010

CD Review: I’m Having Fun Now

Artist: Jenny & Johnny (Official, MySpace, Facebook,, Wikipedia)
Title: I’m Having Fun Now (Amazon)

I’m Having Fun Now is the debut album from indie rock super couple Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley) and Johnathan Rice. The couple has put together an exceptionally fun indie pop record with songs that are catchy pop gems that should be huge hits but never will because they are too quirky and smart for the masses to get. That seems to be the Jenny Lewis curse. All of her projects attain large cult followings and she gets to appear on various late night TV shows but her music never breaks through to the radio airwaves. This isn’t a bad thing mind you. Her music is catchy and potent and I’m Having Fun Now is no different.

One comparison that is made a lot is to She & Him (Official, MySpace, Wikipedia), another pop fueled duet. Overall it is a fair comparison in that both Jenny & Johnny and She & Him are indie pop outfits consisting of one female and one male vocalist but the actual sound and texture of their songs is quite different. For one thing, Jenny Lewis and Zoey Deschanel have drastically different voices and in many ways it is their singing that is the backbone of each group. Also Jenny & Johnny have more upbeat songs on their album than She & Him have on their two records and while I enjoy a good ballad, I prefer my music to be at a quicker tempo.

If you are a fan of Rilo Kiley or Jenny Lewis’ solo material you really should give I’m Having Fun Now a listen. The album is really good and may even be one of my favorites of 2010. My favorite lyric from the record is “For God and for country, for Michael Jackson’s monkey” from the song “Committed.” That literally made me laugh.

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