Tuesday, November 02, 2010

CD Review: Hurley

Artist: Weezer (Official, MySpace, Wikipedia)
Title: Hurley (Amazon, Wikipedia)

Weezer’s latest album is their first for Epitaph Records and is surprisingly good. Most Weezer fans seem to have learned to live with disappointment as each album that comes out fails to live up to the band’s first three. And don’t get me wrong, Hurley is not their next Pinkerton, but it is a solid record. The thing about this band is that each album has had at least one good song, even when the rest of the album doesn’t live up and that is frustrating as a fan and often clouds our judgment and prevents us from appreciating the good songs simply because the record is not anywhere near as good as the Blue Album. While Hurley certainly isn’t as good as the Blue Album, Pinkerton, or the Green Album, it is just as good, if not better, than Make Believe (which is actually a pretty good record).

The record opens with what are probably its two strongest tracks, the first single “Memories” and “Ruling Me.” After that there are eight more songs that are all catchy and the record overall is fun to listen to. What one must do though when listening to this, or any new Weezer album for that matter, is go into without expecting to hear Pinkerton or the Blue Album because if that is what you are expecting or demanding then you will always be disappointed. Should we expect a lot out of this band? Absolutely. Should we expect so much that we miss out on the good music that they do release? No. With that in mind, Hurley really is a good record and hopefully we’ll get more records like this from the band and their new, independent, record label home.

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